About Us

Alchemy Leatherworks began in 2015 in a corner of our small countryside cottage in Suffolk. My partner was producing custom handmade knives (see: Craig Overson Handcrafted Knives on Facebook) and required custom leather sheaths to store them in.

I've always been creative, I love using my hands (and a few hand tools!) to produce high quality handmade goods, I fell in love with leather from that moment!

Armed with my self-taught skills and a desire to change the throwaway mentality that many people have, I strive to produce the very best handmade, hand stitched, long lasting leather goods fitted with UK made cast brass or cast brass nickel plated hardware... Satchels, bags, backpacks, custom sized dog collars & matching leads, knife sheaths, perfectly fitting belts & belt pouches.

All work is my own design and is crafted by myself (Nixy) in my home workshop, now on the Norfolk / Suffolk border in the UK - I also take on custom & bespoke orders, after all, my aim is to create a less wasteful world, a world where people stop buying mass produced and mainly plastic items that have been made in China, that fall apart after 5 minutes, and then head straight to landfill.

Things need to change, you deserve beautifully made items that last, something timeless to take with you on your own personal alchemical journey...

The possibilities are endless, transformation is everywhere, keep crafts alive and support your local artisans and producers...

I look forward to hearing from you,


Rainbow handstitched Chocolate custom fitting dog collar
Plain Chocolate dog collar
Brandy stitched down 1 1/4 wide custom fit dog collar
Chestnut dog lead
Chocolate dark brown stitched belts, stainless steel buckles
2 inch wide chocolate belt, with cast brass single roller buckle, dark brown stitching
Rainbow stitched chocolate belt, 1 1/4 inch wide with stainless steel buckel and extra floating stra
Chestnut satchel with rust stitching, and cast brass buckles
Brandy small satchel, chestnut backpack, chestnut small magnetic bag and chocolate small magnetic ba
Small, medium & large satchels
Chestnut & brandy small magnetic bag
Alchemy Leatherworks embossed logo on chestnut